12 week “Voyage through the 7 C’s” coaching programme

12 week “Midlife Voyage through the 7 C’s” coaching programme

Fed up with living your life according to someone else’s plan? Do you feel as though you have lost your identity and feeling of self-worth?

Do any of these statements resonate with you?

  • I recently got divorced and feel like the rug has been pulled from under my feet.
  • I’m in a relationship that just doesn’t fulfil me any longer and don’t know how to break away.
  • I’m fed up with putting on a brave face, when actually I feel completely unfulfilled and frustrated. I find it hard to speak my truth.
  • I’m fed up with the same old routine, everything is a drag and a burden – I feel I’m caught in a trap!
  • I feel guilty for how I feel! I “should” be so grateful for everything I have in my life but something is missing…
  • I feel time is slipping by and all my dreams will never come to anything.
  • I want to put myself first for a change – I’m tired of giving to others and left feeling drained.

My 12 week programme is for women who find themselves in a state of mind akin to paddling in the middle of an endless ocean with no land in sight, barely managing to stay afloat, awash with despair and yes, plain terrified about what the future holds! I know this feeling all too well because I’ve been there myself (read my story).

If you’re fed up with feeling listless, lost and adrift and are ready to take a leap of faith in yourself, my intensive 12 week “Midlife Voyage through the 7 C’s Programme” will gently guide you back to recovering your sense of self-worth and discovering the courage to be yourself, no longer limited to lead a life that others expect of you, or being dependent on anyone but yourself for future guidance.

How you will feel when your “Midlife Voyage through the 7 C’s” is completed:

  • You totally love and accept yourself for who you are and friends and family keep mentioning how different you appear – the sparkle in your eyes is back!
  • You have the courage and confidence to be YOU, you have created a new and positive mind-set that knows no limits to achieving your potential and dreams.
  • You wake up every morning with a smile on your face, excited by what the day holds, knowing you are motivated and that nothing will stand in your way!


Together we will:

  • Take the necessary time to identify and discard the parts of your “created” identity that are miles apart from your authentic self.
  • Explore the root of any insecurities and fears you may have and work out the best way to release them for good.
  • Discover what makes you tick, where your true passions lie and explore practical ways of making your unfulfilled dreams a workable reality.
  • Work together to reveal the greatest version of yourself.


I will:

  • Be there to guide you every step of the way – not analysing – just supporting you to face any issues you may have, objectively yet with compassion, so that you can move forward, free from the shadow of your old self-limiting beliefs.
  • Show you how to focus on possibilities instead of problems and banish any old negative, energy-draining mind-sets.
  • Provide you with personalised audio recordings and other tailored practical tools and strategies to keep you on course, whenever you feel your old doubts and insecurities welling up.


You will disembark from your 12 week “Midlife Voyage through the 7 C’s” with the courage to be yourself – bursting with va-va-voom and a renewed zest for life!

“It is only when the mind is free from the old that it meets everything anew, and in that there is joy.”– Jiddu Krishnamurti

Everyone is wonderfully unique and as such my coaching programmes are totally tailored to the best way of helping you to move forward, upward and onward!

Once you have had your complimentary assessment session and have committed to this programme, I will send you the first of your weekly guidelines with audio recordings and practical tools for you to put into practice until the first weekly 50 minute 1-1 Skype/Facetime sessions included in your personalised 12-week “Midlife Voyage through the 7 C’s” coaching programme.

I look forward to meeting you soon!

12 week “Midlife Voyage through the 7 C’s” coaching programme – £3000 in full or 3 monthly instalments of £1200.


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