Happy Clients

Fiona is one the greatest gifts the universe has given me. After every session I had with her, I would always come out feeling peaceful, refreshed, relaxed and more focused. Thank you Fiona.



“Fiona is highly knowledgeable in her field and helped me to find relief from severe migraines. The life coaching made me focus on what I really needed to move forward with my business..

I was drawn to Fiona because of her holistic attitude to life. About a year ago I was diagnosed with colon cancer and immediately turned to Fiona for some advice and help, which she readily gave me and has supported me ever since, especially with the FasterEFT.

Initially I was hoping for a quick fix, but realised after working with Fiona, it is not as easy as that as I had a lot of ‘STUFF’ to work through. Fiona has been my rock through thick and thin and has supported through all my ups and downs and has been extrememly patient with me. I couldn’t have wished for anyone better. I very often get an email or text message from her asking how I am doing and do I need to talk which is very reassuring.

Fiona’s coaching has taught me to heal myself through her various techniques and I often find myself tapping away to get rid of any negativity I might be experiencing at the time.

After each session with Fiona, I feel totally calm, relaxed and positive and feel as though I could conquer the world! Fiona has no judgments and seems to know the right questions to ask at the right time. I feel totally at ease with her.

I would be happy to recommend Fiona to anyone who has any problems whether be to it health, relationship, money or whatever, as she is a great listener and is full of meaningful wisdom and methods to work through everything,

One of the most important things about Fiona is that everything is confidential and she is there for you at all times.”

Sue Kerr


As an experienced coach myself, I was very clear about the kind of coach I wanted to work with and the results I was looking for. I chose Fiona because she met my criteria: qualified, supportive, non-directive and empathetic.

Through the Solution Focused Coaching process, Fiona helped me bring clarity to an on-going situation, allowed me to develop practical solutions and strategies to manage and bring about change to the situation. The SFC approach keeps clients at the centre of the coaching and helps them find the solutions that work for them.

Fiona brings genuine warmth, curiosity and understanding to working with her clients while at the same time challenging assumptions or limiting beliefs.

I can thoroughly recommend working with Fiona.”

Elizabeth, Executive Coach and Consultant

“Thank you so much for the sessions on EFT.  December 2012 I was hitting rock bottom and was struggling to keep myself together (barely!).  Lots of stress, avoidance from airing issues that were bugging me, denial on other personal issues, having trouble sleeping, sore shoulders and neck.

Right after the first session, I felt lighter and more energetic but thought I was imagining it. Then I practiced the tapping every day religiously and have ‘tapped’ my husband and daughter as they weren’t too well (as practice). I started feeling lighter and found tapping a useful tool for myself and for others.

After the second session, I was hooked and never a day goes by without going through tapping three times a day or more as the need arises.

Thank you so much for walking into my life at a very crucial time.”

Khin Soe Tin

I met Fiona when she was living in Manila. I was going through personal struggles in my life and I was looking for help using a fresh approach as opposed to traditional counseling. Fiona helped me a lot by coaching me using a holistic approach that helped to restore my inner balance. She taught me the tapping method, one of the tools she uses in helping individuals break down barriers within themselves. She walked me through my issues and guided me as I worked my way back to finding my self esteem and my confidence. I was able to get back on track in just 4 sessions. I have also learned to use theta healing which I find helps me restore my balance.”

Rina M. Macas

About a year ago I was feeling totally lost and my life seemed to be going nowhere. There was so much I wanted to achieve but kept making excuses and putting my life on hold. It made me very discontented and frustrasted.
After my sessions with Fiona I felt incredibly uplifted, realising I could reach those goals. She was a real inspiration. I had no knowledge of Life Coaching or EFT, but through the whole experience it has enabled me to pursue my dreams. I feel more confident and have set up my own business working in a profession I love which has been down to the encouragement and support of Fiona. A year ago it would not have seemed possible. Now I realise everything is. Highly recommended.
It has changed my life.

Lee Oberle

I was fortunate enough to come across Fiona Clark while living in the Philippines, and soon was receiving weekly sessions. Fiona is a consummate and talented professional who made a truly tangible difference to my day-to-day life. Fiona takes a truly holistic approach to health and well being. I would HIGHLY recommend Fiona to anyone lucky enough to be living the vicinity of her new home in the UK.


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