Fiona Clark
Midlife Empowerment Coach

Hello and Welcome!

Have you reached your midlife feeling stranded on the shore, yearning for that elusive “something more”?  Or perhaps you’re feeling lost and adrift in a seemingly endless sea   –  or your life as you’ve always known it, has been struck by the devastating storm of divorce or the loss of your job and it feels like a total shipwreck!

Don’t wait for your ship to come in any longer! Row out to meet it!

As a Midlife Empowerment Coach, my passion is to inspire women like you to recover the Courage to be Yourself  and reinvent a fabulous future that will have you sailing into the sunset of your dreams!  

Join me on YOUR transformational midlife voyage of self-discovery through the “7 C’s” and disembark fully connected to your powerful inner goddess
– ready to conquer the world!

 Here’s an overview of what we’ll be covering on your “Midlife Voyage through the 7 C’s” and what each “C” stage comprises:

  1. COURAGE TO COMMUNICATE Do you find yourself saying “yes” when you mean “no”? Do you struggle to speak your truth? I will provide you with a safe space in which to voice and vent your feelings and frustrations so we can begin to identify what’s blocking you from being the powerful woman you are.
  2. COURAGE TO FIND CLARITY let’s delve deeper into the What’s and How’s. What has set you off course? How is it that slowly over time you have lost your voice, vision and perhaps your independence?
  3. COURAGE TO TREAT YOURSELF WITH COMPASSION once we have brought everything out into the open, I will guide and support you so that you learn to truly love and accept yourself for who you are – unconditionally.
  4. COURAGE TO MAKE THAT CHOICE Gain an understanding of the choices you have – how you react to situations – uncovering your buried dreams so that you can live out your true life purpose with zest and joy.
  5. COURAGE TO STAY CALM I will provide you with a personalised set of coping tools & techniques to keep you centred, balanced and calm, so that you can navigate even the choppiest waters with self-confidence.
  6. COURAGE TO CREATE CHANGE  this is where we delve even deeper to truly clear the decks, so that we can come up with a personalised step-by-step doable plan of action that resonates with you.
  7. COURAGE TO CELEBRATE the gift of recovering your inner power and courage to be who you were born to be, joyously confident in the knowledge that you are now the captain of your own ship and that the world IS your oyster.

My transformational “Midlife Voyage through the 7 C’s” coaching programmes will help you to:

  • Identify what you are struggling with
  • Release your mindset blocks
  • Reconnect to your authentic self
  • Connect to your dreams
  • Learn simple skills & techniques to keep you on an even keel
  • Fulfill your dreams
  • Love and celebrate your unique self – unconditionally!
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